Fit Mum

Definition – A mum who has had a baby at least 9 months (or longer) ago

Small Group Exercise Classes

My small group training, with a maximum of 10 women, offers you the opportunity to join other like minded women who have similar goals to you – to lose weight, feel fitter, stronger and more confident that they look great. I can help women who are 35+ the most.

Each exercise session is carefully planned by myself, George, to guarantee that you will burn fat and be pushed on your strength and fitness. To see changes you need to get a little out of your comfort zone and the intensity of these classes push you there. The sessions are fun and filled with challenges. You don’t need to think about whether or not you are doing the right stuff to get you the results you want as I’ll be there to think about that for you.

It doesn’t stop at the training sessions as you will be given homework that doesn’t require anything that you don’t already have at home. You will be added to the members only Facebook group where you will receive helpful tips and advice. And you will get a 2 week nutrition plan to kick start your weight loss. This isn’t a diet and you aren’t going to be replacing meals with shakes that taste awful. It’s just real good food.

Small Group Exercise Circuits

These circuits are for you if you feel that you haven’t quite recovered after having your little one (or maybe not so little one. Primarily these are for post natal women up to 12 months. However, once post natal always post natal they say!

The classes are small groups of no more than 10 women. All the exercises are post natal safe but will push you as hard as you want to push yourself. You can leave with sweat dripping from your brow or, if you really want to focus on core strength and technique, you can leave content you have been coached to do everything the right way. You will see great results from these classes.

Personal Training

My 1-to-1 personal training is the best way to see great results with a plan that is tailored to you. You don’t need to be worried about being too unfit or whether the sessions will be challenging enough for you as I’m there to adjust the exercise to your level and ability and I have a vast amount of experience with this.

Like I said, the plan will be tailored to you and we will work towards achieving the goal you want most. Whether you want to lose weight, feel fitter or get stronger I can help. I can help women 35+ the most and mainly prescribe resistance based exercise which means you will be using weights (body weight, kettlebells, slam balls, dumbbells, barbells, bands, TRX, and lots more).

Your progress will be tracked and you will easily be able to see your progress. Session times are flexible and can fit around your timetable. I’d love to help.

My exercise sessions take place in my studio on Little London Road in Sheffield.

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