Definition – Any woman who is pregnant

Pregnancy Preparation Group Class

My small group pregnancy class, with a maximum of 10 women, offers you the best preparation for labour and delivery. Primarily this is for women who are 28+ weeks pregnant although you are very welcome to come along before the 28 week mark especially if you have not participated in much exercise previously.

Each session will take you through relatively gentle exercises which are designed to prepare your body for labour and delivery as well as giving you the foundation for a speedy recovery after birth. Your body will go through many physical and hormonal changes throughout pregnancy and it is important, especially towards the end of your pregnancy, that you perform activities that are going to make labour as straight forward as is possible. Whilst intervention (e.g. assisted breaking of waters, C-Section, etc.) is sometimes unavoidable there are lots of things you can be doing to try and avoid it. A physiological birth (natural vaginal delivery) is something you want to aim for as it has the lowest risk of complications. These exercise classes aim to help with delivery and prepare you for what is to come.

Small Group Exercise Circuits

My circuits are suitable for you if you are earlier than 28 weeks pregnant and have exercised prior to finding out you are pregnant. Primarily these are for post natal women. However, the exercises have been chosen to suit pregnant women as well.

The classes are small groups of no more than 10 women. All exercises have been chosen as they are safe for pregnancy.

It is important to understand core engagement and ensure your pelvic floor is strong for the birth of your baby and to avoid any aches and pains you may feel during pregnancy. Your pregnancy hormones loosen your joints (this is normal) which means that engaging in high impact sports such as running may result in pain and injury. Because your joints are less stable it can affect your balance and the last thing you want to do is fall over whilst running or during a high intensity class when you’re pregnant. These classes will set a great foundation for your recovery after your baby has arrived.

Pregnancy Personal Training

My 1-to-1 pregnancy personal training is the best way to see great results with a plan that is tailored to you. You don’t need to be worried about exercise suitability as I hold modern and advanced qualifications for pregnancy exercise prescription.

Like I said, the plan will be tailored to you and the needs of your pregnant body. Without trying to scare you, there are lots of exercises and exercise classes out there that can cause you much more harm than good, e.g. symphysis pubis dysfunction, which may require crutches later on in pregnancy. With my training sessions I aim to help you feel strong and comfortable throughout pregnancy and prepare you for delivery. You will also have a great foundation for a speedy recovery after birth

My 1-to-1 post natal training sessions are for pregnant women who want to ensure their body is prepared for birth. It would be particularly important for those mums who are having their second (or more) baby and have been through the birthing process previously.

My exercise sessions take place in my studio on Little London Road in Sheffield.

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