Post Natal

Definition – A mum with a baby between 6 weeks and 12 months old

Post Natal-Safe Online Classes

You will have access to a library of over 100 post natal safe classes, 25-40mins in duration, which can be visited at any time you’d like to workout. Classes are added weekly which means this library of workouts is ever increasing. The classes have been designed with minimal kit in mind and the only pieces of equipment you will need are a resistance band, which can be purchased relatively cheaply (around £3-5), and something you can use as a weight (e.g. a 5L water bottle). Classes include circuits, HIIT (higher intensity interval training) sessions, EMOMs (every minute on the minute), along with many other workouts which means there are plenty of options if you have a preferred training method. You will be guided through each full workout so you’ll never feel lost. All of this takes place within a private Facebook Group where you can interact with other members and myself, George. You will have access to me via email and Facebook should you have any individual requests. These classes are suitable for you from 6-8+ weeks post birth depending on your situation.

It’s important to understand core engagement and ensure that your pelvic floor is strong enough for all that life with a baby throws at you. Your pregnancy hormones loosen your joints (this is normal) and these hormones stick around after birth, especially if you are breastfeeding. This means that taking part in high impact sports, such as running or non post natal specific gym classes, may result in pain and injury. These online classes will set a great foundation for progressing to higher intensity, higher impact activities such as running and team sports.

I offer a free three day trial of this membership so you can test drive the classes.

Small Group Personal Training (Most Popular)

My friendly, member-centric facility offers small group personal training sessions aimed at building strength which are accompanied by online classes that develop your fitness. As a coach, I’ll guide you through the small group sessions and explain why you’re doing what you’re doing throughout so that you can feel empowered. I want to educate you with the knowledge you need to get the results you want and provide a welcoming and encouraging environment so that you feel part of our community and look forward to each training session. I want you to reach your goals and experience a five star ride along the way. These sessions are suitable for you from 6-8+ weeks post birth depending on your situation.

I offer a 30-day trial for £127 which starts with a 1:1 initial evaluation session where I get to know more about you, your goals and your fitness and exercise ability levels. Following this you will have access to 8 coach-led small group personal training sessions (2/wk) as well as access to the online class membership. There is no obligation to continue past the 30-days should you choose not to and, although I am confident that you will enjoy the experience and get great results, if you do not feel better in any way after the 30-days I will happily refund your fee.

1:1 Personal Training

My 1:1 personal training sessions are for new mums who want to ensure their body repairs itself in the best and quickest way possible. It would be particularly important to new mums who suffer with diastasis recti (tummy gap), aches and pains around their pelvis and lower back, upper back and neck pain and knee pain. Like the small group personal training, you will be coached through exercise sessions by myself, George. I hold numerous modern advanced pregnancy and post natal exercise qualifications so you will be in good hands. The exercise sessions will be personalised to you and your goals and ability levels.

Without trying to scare you, there are lots of exercises and exercise classes out there that can cause you much more harm than good, e.g. prolapse, which may mean surgery is necessary. With my personal training sessions I aim to help you see the results you want whilst preparing your body for more challenging exercise in the future. These sessions are suitable for you from 6-8+ weeks post birth depending on your situation.

I offer a 30-day trial for £187 which gives you 8 x 1:1 personal training sessions as well as access to my post natal safe online class membership.


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